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How Can You Enter the Parallel Universe?

A baby’s life in Russia is very different from the one in America. Babies are left alone at home, they are left alone in strollers next to supermarkets. They use public transportation alone as early as four years old. I remember my early childhood very well. When I was three, […]

How Can You Have More Magic in Your Life?

I am a Shuvihani, a keeper of sacred (secret) knowledge. I use ancient Gypsy (Romani) healing techniques to help people (and animals and even plants) live their lives to the fullest and reach exceptional physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You can use two approaches to any problem you have: […]

How to Heal Your Scars

Scars don’t just heal on their own. They also don’t appear for no reason. After it was confirmed that I was not going to die the second time right after being born, the doctors found an unusual mark on the right side of my back. It was a big tumor […]