How Can You Hear What Toys Say?

I did not cry as a baby, I did not cry as a toddler. My brother was just a year older than me and watched my every move. If I picked up a toy, I would hold it and smile. My facial expression would show so much joy that my brother would run towards me and grab the toy from my hands. He thought the magic was in the toy. I did not mind. I would pick a different toy and smile, same expression of bliss on my face. The toy my brother had in his hands did not automatically make him happy, so he would drop it and grab what I had in my hands. This continued for hours. Why did toys lose their magic as soon as they left my hands? Much later as a grown up woman I would hear from strangers, “I don’t know what it is about you but I want to have what you have.” I am happy to share my magic “toys” with you. And now that I learned how to talk, I can explain what to do so that they don’t lose their magic.