How Does the Universe Communicate with You?

I have an agreement with the Universe that each time I find a penny outside, it is a message from the Higher Consciousness that my wishes are heard and I am on the right path. I find pennies on parking lots, at Farmer’s Markets, on sidewalks. Each time I pick up the penny with gratitude and place it in a cup holder in my car for a visible reminder of support from the Higher Consciousness. Recently I’ve been going through challenging times and decided to go into a forest where I always find peace. It was an amazing walk with my friend that made me feel very relaxed. I was in the zone, following the flow of the Universal energy. We decided to get a smoothie at my favorite café and to sit at a table outside, so that I could show my energy exercises and do a palmistry reading. After I finished my smoothie, I went to the café’s restroom and froze as I opened the door: the entire floor was made out of pennies. Hundreds of them. I smiled. Thank you for the message, Universe. I hear you.